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psychic poems

an extract of psychic poems, in datableed issue ||||||||| , (issue nine); which are

“… assumed to be [poems written down by one person as dictation] from a signal another person transmits to them telepathically. To facilitate this process, a method of starting to write at pre-stipulated times, with the conscious intention both to send and receive a signal, was adopted. Within reason, non-coincident actual writing times were considered relatively unimportant, given the regularity of a writing routine – two times a week – possibly establishing a more constant, yet fluctuating transmission. Transmission and reception took place at terrestrially significant distance (Melbourne – Berlin), with associated non-telepathic communication sparse (e-mail). The relevance of these factors, and the “psychic” character of the writing, in the sense of “characterised by psychic gifts” (which neither writer personally claims) could then be discerned by comparing the corresponding poems. Alternatively, the writing could be used as source material for compositions that would contain traces of telepathically-transmitted signals, as is the case here.”